Hospital Doctor

As budgets continue to be cut within the healthcare sector, time and cost savings have never been so important. Our dedicated medical transcribers provide extensive support for the healthcare industry by delivering an efficient, dependable and confidential service. We assist consultants, doctors, medical agencies, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, nurses, psychiatrists, physiologists and more.

When it comes to serving the medical profession with a high quality transcription service, we only allocate transcribers who have extensive knowledge of the sector and an understanding of its particular requirements. Our transcribers are familiar with medical terminology and operate in accordance with our strict confidentiality policies. We are adept at rapidly and accurately transcribing patient, emergency and consultation notes, medical opinion statements, discharge summaries and correspondence. We produce reports for x-ray, pathology, psychiatric and autopsy departments. We transcribe medical conference records and history reports. Recording disciplinary and grievance hearings saves time, eliminates the need to make detailed notes during the meeting and allows you to focus only on the hearing.

Correspondence, medical reports and birth and death certificates can all be translated into over two hundred languages. Our translators have extensive experience of working with medical terminology and content to provide highly accurate materials for healthcare professionals, patients and the general public. Meetings and conference calls can be quickly interpreted to ensure information is easily accessed and understood by all parties regardless of location and language.

dictate2us provides full support to the medical sector working in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 by providing a comprehensive alternative communication format service. We can produce visual aids such as subtitles and signage, and documents in Braille, Moon, Large Print and tactile diagrams and books.

Our medical copy-typists can rapidly produce handwritten notes, reports and correspondence, saving you valuable time and resources.

To find out more about how d2u can assist your needs within the medical sector, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements or sign up to try our free trial.