We have extensive experience in supporting all individuals and organisations involved in the legal sector, including barristers, solicitors and the Courts. Our specialist legal team understands the needs of the sector and operates in accordance with our strict Data Protection policy.

Our highly skilled legal transcribers specialise in the production of letters and correspondence, terms and conditions, case notes, file notes and attendance notes. We can assist in the creation of statements, contracts and skeleton arguments taken from digital files. We are also adept at transcribing police interviews and court hearings, saving you valuable time and enabling you to concentrate on the matter in hand rather than having to take detailed notes.

Our translators also have legal expertise and understand the importance of accuracy and suitability. We can translate birth, death and wedding certificates, letters and correspondence, contracts and wills in over two hundred languages. For meetings and conference calls, we operate an interpretation service that ensures all parties, regardless of location and language, communicate effectively to eliminate ambiguity and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

We understand the need for people with visual impairment and deafness to have full and easy access to legal documents when required. We therefore help your team to adhere to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 by creating alternative communication formats, including Braille, Moon, Large Print, tactile diagrams and books, subtitles and signage.

Our legal copy-typing specialists are trained in the rapid and accurate production of suitably formatted documents such as leases, contracts and handwritten notes.

To find out more about how d2u can assist your needs within the legal profession, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements or sign up to try our free trial.