d2u Transcriber™


Please note that the above is intended only as a demonstration of the d2u Transcriber application. Audio files cannot be created or uploaded to your d2u account and no work will be transcribed.

d2u Transcriber™ is a unique application developed by the UK’s number one transcription company, dictate2us. It allows users to create, edit and complete a digital recording and have the digital file accurately and efficiently transcribed.

It works on all Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android models. It is the first digital dictation recorder with built-in functionality that uploads your dictation ready to be typed by a dedicated virtual secretary, 24-hours a day. You can use d2u Transcriber™ whenever and wherever you have an Internet connection. The application can send your digital files via a secure connection on GPRS, Edge, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

d2u Transcriber™ can be used to dictate professional medical and legal reports, general correspondence, notes and much more. The app is designed to be easy to use, visually compelling and loaded with useful features.

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Key features

  • We charge per audio minute
  • 1-hour turnaround for files under 5 minutes
  • Professional transcription services
  • State of the art audio compression
  • Option of secure or non-secure upload
  • Unlimited file size
  • Unlimited customisable categories
  • Easy to use and elegant dictation recorder
  • Intuitive and adaptive interface
  • Great file management
  • Excellent support

Customer reviews

5 star rating

Outstanding service, great price and available 24/7, 365 days a year

Fernanda Grantham, US

5 star rating
Now that’s what I call quality

Does what it says in the description. Saves me a lot of time & great value

Jim Phillips, US

5 star rating
Thanks for the update!

The app features simple navigation and good features. A very clever idea

Bert Vierra, US

5 star rating
Great service!

The service is just incredibly useful for me. I dictate my letters on the app via my bluetooth car kit, back within the hour. Really amazing

Jenette Maclennan, UK

5 star rating
Recording lectures

I use this app for recording my lectures. I can’t write notes fast enough during lectures due to my dyslexia and it really helps with my studies

Jenny Cameron, US

5 star rating
Wonderful service

The app is very well designed and easy to use. I have used many transcription companies in the past, this is the best service I have found!

Stephanie Castle, UK

4 star rating

d2u offer a trial, which got me hooked! I use it for 3/4’s of my practice work

Mustafa Selim, US

5 star rating

The cost is not on a basis of no. of words but on no. of minutes. Fantastic

Michelle Pou, US

5 star rating
Awesome app

It’s just brilliant. Anything that I dictate, is put into text within the hour

Simon Maddux, AUS

5 star rating
Loved it

Very simple and easy to use. You can get used to in just few minutes

Roberto Opperman, US

5 star rating
Great Voice Recorder & Transcription

This app saves me a lot of time at work. No more typing meeting notes ever again!

H Marshall, US

5 star rating
Intuitive app

The d2u app is highly intuitive, easy to use even for someone like me!

Ken Kaniff, UK

5 star rating
Simple but effective

Works perfectly, amazing service

Adolph Cardin, US

5 star rating
Time saver!

I love this app, use it every single day

David Greene, AUS

4 star rating
Great for interviews

Good quality multi speaker typing

Diane Sturridge, AUS